Zoomwrites & Writing Circles

Zoom Writes

Sequester can be an opportunity for deep contemplation and creativity but can also be isolating.

Join us online for a virtual writing workshop in a welcoming group of folks trying to make sense of it all.

Weekly drop-in ZoomWrites offer provocative prompts and a chance to practice a variety of writing techniques. 

We gather to encourage clear, authentic reflection and expression of our lives and support for each other

ZoomWrites To Survive the Pandemic (up to 20)

Tuesdays 10:00am to 11:30am

Fridays  10am to 11:30am

 (- alternate times possible on request)

ZoomWrites Format:

Group check-in

10 minute solitary free-write

10 minute gather to share (optional)

10 minute theme discussion

30 minute solitary write 

10 minute partner share (optional)

20 minute group share (optional)

Classes are drop-in.

Reduced suggested donations of $10-$25 through the crisis.

Reading the Pandemic

Zoom Event featuring Writing Circle Members

To Be Scheduled

 "I do know this:  when we give voice to thoughts and feelings (whether orally, or written, or in anotger creative way) there is a release.  It helps...doesn’t change things...but helps.”  Judy 

"Thank you Blythe. I really loved your letter to your friend. It evoked such clear images, I felt like I was remembering with you. If you feel comfortable, please send it to Amy, so we can read it again. It made me think about writing to my mother, who I still miss everyday."  Karen

"It was wonderful to see you and everyone again today.

Thank you for your openness and take very good care of yourselves." Blythe 

Project Writing and Critique Circle (6-10 participants) Current zoom session Wednesdays 10am to 11:30am 

Work with a dedicated group of peers to help nurture a project along.

All genres and levels welcome. 

Writing Groups Provide:

  • Warm-up writing activity
  • Peer review and discussion
  • Focus on Craft
  • Motivation and Structure 
  • In-depth feedback 

$25 per session, $100 for 5 sessions, $15 for writing coach students

Weekly or biweekly

Participants must commit to at least 3 sessions

(alternate times available on request)


Drop-In Writing Circle (8-12 participants) 

Fridays and alternate Saturdays from 10am to noon.

 in my Multnomah Village home or Cascadia Commons

    *meet other writers

    *dedicated time and space for writing

    *polish old work, knead a piece in progress or start a new project

    *creative writing prompts

    *short discussions on style with examples

    *friendly feedback

    *quiet, comfortable atmosphere (tea and snacks provided)

We start with an example, a short explanation of a theme or technique, do a short free-write, then an hour writing session and share our work. 

All levels welcome.

$25 per session or  $100 for 5 sessions, $15 for writing coach students

E-mail confirmation required: amyminato@me.com

"You are a wonderful teacher, and that was just a fantastic group of women. Please invite me to the next one!" Juli Gun

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