Zoom Tips For Writing Circle

Download the Zoom app and familiarize yourself with zoom before the meeting. (www.zoom.us)


Collect any writing materials, and any notes or books you may need.


Be in a quiet space with no distractions.


Drinks are fine.  Easting is distracting to others when you are on screen.


Find a neutral background if possible. Overhead light is best.


Use the largest screen you can   Put your phone out of reach


Check your email for the link invitation a few minutes before the meeting


Be quiet when you sign on. Turn on your video and unmute yourself (bottom left)

Mute yourself whenever there is a noisy distraction in your space.


Choose gallery view (top right) not speaker view


When we share after writing. Raise your hand to be called on to read. Feel free to pass.


If we use breakout rooms, you will be paired with another person for partner share and peer editing until called back to the main room. You can return to the main room anytime during that time to talk with me.


While we are all in the main room, feel free to send me a private chat or a chat to everyone if its relevant to what we’re talking about.


If you need to leave for a minute or change locations, please mute your mic and stop your video until you are resettled. If you return, follow entrance protocol.


If you need to leave the circle early, please send a chat saying this, then mute yourself and sign off.


© Amy Minato 2018